KADAVIR's Top 5 Music Videos (in no particular order)

Arcade Fire's - Afterlife directed by Emily Kai Bock  

A surprise masterpiece out of 2013. This music video begs for some repeated viewings and it's heartbreaking and excellent to say the least. Better than most feature length films that have come out this year. 

Deftone's - Sextape directed by ZFCL

It's a simple music video juxtaposed with a gorgeous track and, together, they invoke some of the strongest feelings, it's hard to explain, check it out.

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Short Film) illustrated by Boneface

Perhaps one of the most badass things to come out of 2013. ...Like Clockwork re-imagined the grit and dirtiness of the Queens in a whole new way with the art of Boneface. It's a saga told through four songs and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and, yes, it all ties up in the end. 

Baths' - Lovely Bloodflow directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin (Young Replicant)

Discovering Baths was an excellent experience, but what was also excellent was discovering his music video for "Lovely Bloodflow." It's tells a story of life and death through ghostly apparitions and smoke plumes from the soul. 

Tokimonsta's - Darkest (Dim) directed Doug Change 

Call me a sucker for the pretty stuff, but on a $3000 budget, this music video is a gorgeous piece. The visuals, the makeup, the textures: you get it all.